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Latest News
Congratulations on award!!
Mariko (M1) has awarded "Best OMP (One Minute Pitch) Award of 2018 Young Woman Scientist Camp & Smart Sister Workshop".
Congratulations on your graduation & send-off party.!!
Que san, and Zhipeng completed their master course. Yuki goes to Tsinghua Univ. as the exchange student.
Congratulations on award!!
Yuki (M1) has awarded "SPSJ Annual Meeting Poster Award".
Paper is accepted!!
Takeya(OB), Dr. Fujita, Dr. Maity, Megumi(OG), and Yuki (M1)'s paper has been accepted by
Chem. Euro. J.
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Welcome to Ueno Lab.
The Ueno Laboratory launched on March 1, 2012. Our interests are chemistry of protein assembly based on synthetic chemistry and structural biology to elucidate reaction mechanism of chemical reactions in living cell, and develop biomaterials. (DetailsVacant positions
Latest Projects
A metal carbonyl-protein needle composite designed for intracellular CO delivery to modulate NF-κB activity
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A Photoactive CO Releasing Protein Cage for Dose-Regulated Delivery in Living Cells
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